Welcome to Calivia.com

Calivia is a small Swiss company that provides expert IT consultancy services with specialization in VoIP, Systems and Network Integration, IT Security as well as Graphic Art such as web site design. In addition we have network management and 3rd level support engagements.

Please choose from one of the main sections above. Our site uses a taxonomy system or categories for the categorization of content. By clicking on one of the categories in the "Navigation" menu you will get all the content of this particular category. You will find references to projects we have been working on by selecting one of the categories in the Projects menu. We have published some small online articles and books on things we have been working on. Some of us maintain a personal blog on the site.


Address Calivia GmbH, Postfach 306, CH-3000 Bern 13, Switzerland
Phone + 41 31 312 45 50
e-Mail office AT calivia.com
VAT Swiss VAT #539 748